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About Modern-Wealth

We value the vision you have for your future.

We don't believe in pre-packaged, mass-produced solutions. You deserve a personalized approach that considers every facet of your financial goals.

We center our business around you and your dreams.

As our client, you can be confident that we will focus all of our attention and energy on helping you pursue your dreams.

We walk with you in whatever stage of life you are in.

We welcome you to come as you are. No matter where you are in life's journey, our team is excited to help you take the next step.

Your Experience

We believe that honest communication and genuine relationship should be at the heart of every business. Instead of focusing on products and short-term fixes, we seek to form long-term relationships with individuals like you.

Our Approach

At Modern-Wealth, we take pride in providing unbiased and personalized advice. Every service we offer is meant to bring you closer to your financial goals. We leverage technology and incorporate data aggregation and financial planning so that your financial world is living and at your fingertips. When changes come, and they always do, we are here to support and serve you. In our experience, we are most valued when we are at the intersections in life where the financial meets the emotional. Job changes, retirement, a business sale, a divorce, the loss of a loved one and relocation can all create such an intersection.

Modern-Wealth is focused on helping you pursue your dreams. It’s about positively influencing your financial journey by designing and establishing an effective plan that keeps your goals at the forefront.

How We Help

As independent advisors, we provide client-focused recommendations and advice based on our client’s planned and changing needs. Transitions can be complicated and often overwhelming. We endeavor to cut the noise and work with you to find an appropriate strategy.

We have a passion for supporting our clients through personal financial transitions: we help take you from breakup to triumph, from employee to thriving retiree, from business ownership to succession plan.

Financial Road Map

We will work with you on identifying and quantifying the financial needs you have. Through our process, we will review your cash flow and resources dedicated to your goals, including retirement. We establish a road map, calculate future income needs, review existing asset allocation and consider their tax efficiency, assist in repositioning, consider insurance risks and discuss pension considerations.

Financial Partner/Advocate

As your financial partners, we will provide disciplined investment management of your assets, as well as income distribution solutions. Our investment approach utilizes individual stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds and institutionally-priced mutual funds where appropriate.  Your financial roadmap will be integrated with your investment assets, cash flows, real estate and your total net worth.  Through innovative technology, you will have access to your living financial plan.  We believe you want your finger on the pulse of your future.

Divorce Financial Planning

Divorce affects every aspect of your life – make sure you go into the process educated and prepared so you can avoid a costly, slow and contentious divorce. We’re here to make sure you, your family and your spouse can move on to better things ahead.

Our team is here to help you walk through the financial aspects of divorce. We’re ready to be your financial advocate. We work closely with you and your attorney to assist in the financial aspects of divorce.  We will provide education, discuss methods and options when dividing assets, calculate projected future income and assets, provide cash flow analysis and discuss significant financial decisions that are sometimes overlooked. In short, we aim to arm you with knowledge to allow good decision making.

Write Your Family Love Letter

At Modern-Wealth, we seek to cultivate lifetime relationships not just with our clients, but with each generation of your family. At Modern-Wealth, we can discuss and consider a number of strategies, including charitable planning, second-to-die insurance, inheritance considerations and more. We endeavor to communicate your values and principles to your family and heirs. We encourage family meetings to discuss expectations, values and financial literacy. We encourage you to think through both the desired use and generational flow of assets.

Consider starting with a family love letter.

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Our Team

Jennifer Lee, AWMA®, AIF®

Wealth Advisor

Jennifer grew up in the world of financial advising going on appointments with her father and to his office on weekends. Watching how he served his clients, she gained a solid understanding of the work ethic and ethical values of a dedicated financial advisor. Today as Founding Partner of Modern-Wealth, Jennifer directs her financial acuity to helping those who are in financial transition - whether divorcing, recently widowed, buying or selling a business, retiring, inheriting assets or merging families after remarriage. Her goal is to be a trusted advisor who provides independent analysis, develops strategy, and walks clients through the process of understanding their financial lives.

Working collaboratively with clients and their other advisors, Jennifer and her team help clients cut through the noise and make sound financial decisions.

Originally from Maryland, Jennifer brings a wealth of experience to her work. Jennifer founded Modern-Wealth in Maryland 21 years ago, relocating to Lakewood Ranch in 2012. Since transitioning her practice into Florida, Jennifer has been involved in strengthening the Lakewood community through Second Saturday, an organization that provides guidance for families undergoing a divorce. She loves the area's arts and culture and it's gorgeous beaches as well as cooking, entertaining, and making jewelry in her down time. She also delights in one of the perks of her job - throwing the occasional "Retirement" or "Independence Day" party for clients.

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Linda Parisi
Wealth Advisor Like many, my life has been shaped by my family. Growing up as the second-oldest in a house of seven sisters (yes, all from the same parents), I found myself constantly helping my younger siblings with homework and keeping the peace when things started to get messy. As a result, nurturing others became second nature to me. Even today, this urge to care for others remains an integral aspect of my personality; when my children describe me, they describe me as someone who is never satisfied until everyone is taken care of, regardless of who or what the issue may be. That’s not a mindset reserved strictly for my friends and family, either—it’s the mindset that influences my approach with clients. Behind every client lies a person, an individual with needs and concerns that don’t just disappear when they walk into my office. Although it’s true that my formal job description ends at providing financial services, stopping with that isn’t something I feel comfortable doing. Here’s an example of what I mean: one of my clients, a heart attack survivor, worked with me to obtain a long-term care policy that initially seemed out of his reach. Seeing the look of joy and relief on his face when we finally arrived at a solution has been one of the most rewarding moments of my career—it’s moments like this, and others like it, that give my work meaning. Of course, my penchant for nurture isn’t the sole factor that goes into my dealings with clients. I have worked in banks for nearly 40 years, the past 9 of which were spent as a VP and Team Leader with Huntington Financial Advisors. Before that, I worked at FirstMerit Investment Services, where I was named #1 Advisor for 5 consecutive years until my departure from the firm. Since moving to Florida, I’ve gotten to enjoy the warmer weather, spending more time with my family, and discovering the thrill of a new city. I plan to continue my mission of caring for my clients; of providing them with a portfolio of professional services and strategies fashioned to provide them with comfort and financial independence.
Susan Keeler

Life & Health Insurance Advisor

As a young child, Susan saw the value of being prepared for loss. Her parents knew to be prepared for the unexpected and the cost of a potentially single-parent home. They also prepared for their four children to have permanent life insurance as adults.

For over 20 years, Susan has worked with individuals, families and companies to determine their specific needs to be prepared in the event of an illness, accident or loss. She specializes in the senior market by helping those planning for retirement or becoming eligible for Medicare.

Before joining Modern-Wealth, she co-partnered a life and health agency in North Carolina. Since relocating to Florida, she has become passionate about helping others through her community service projects, which include working through The Manatee Exchange Club, Big Brothers/Big Sisters and as a Goodwill Ambassador.

She and her husband live in Parrish. He golfs, while she swims. Together they enjoy the beach and love to host dinner parties for friends and neighbors.

Heidi Harris

Life & Health Insurance Advisor

What defines a passion? In my point of view, it’s something that runs far deeper than a superficial enjoyment. For example: I enjoy travel, music, motorcycles, and (of course), dogs —but would I say they’re my passions? Despite my love for them, no. A passion is something capable of filling a person with a sense of true fulfillment, of a deep satisfaction that can’t be found through anything else. Something more meaningful than the feeling of riding free on the open road.

For me, that sense of fulfillment comes from serving others. There’s something about surrounding myself with unique individuals, about finding out their values and helping them achieve their goals that gives me a sense of purpose like nothing else. I suppose you could say that my true passion in life really boils down to forging authentic and genuine connections with those around me. It’s what led me to enter the world of insurance, and now, it’s what has enabled me to take the next big step in my career.

I am thrilled to announce that I have joined Modern Wealth as an insurance advisor in Maryland, as well as other states as needed. This is an amazing opportunity, and I am ecstatic at the ability to work with an independent firm that provides such a wide extent of valuable resources. Many of you are already familiar with Jennifer Lee, the founder of Modern Wealth; I will be working in partnership with her and her team to apply my passion to the insurance and financial needs of young families, business owners, and pre-retirees.

Knowing your passions is one thing—getting the chance to follow them is another entirely. I am incredibly grateful for the possibilities this new career pathway opens, and I look forward to making the most of it with all of you.

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